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College brochures all fluff

By JAKE MOKRIS When I took the PSAT last year, I filled in the “yes

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School censoring student writing on suicide

By JESSICA GRIMM On Feb. 16, Mr. Mark Stickel was found dead in his classroom at my high school. It’s now a week later, the school is trying to return back to normal, but some things are still causing controversy … Continue reading

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‘Theistic evolution’ is nonsense

By JAKE MOKRIS On Feb. 12, many churches in the United States held an Evolution Sunday, stating that Christianity and evolution are compatible. But that belief is not theologically sound. The Bible gives two points that relate to this issue: … Continue reading

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Stop hounding the VP on accident

By JAKE MOKRIS If an average person had accidentally shot his hunting partner, the person’s companions would scold him, he would pay his partner’s medical bill, and the issue would probably be over. But if Vice President Cheney accidentally shoots … Continue reading

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Hey students, your job is to learn

By JAKE MOKRIS Teen Takeover staff I am a homeschooled student, so I doubt that anyone would be surprised if I said that homeschooling is better than attending public school. But in one point, public schools clearly top homeschooling: the … Continue reading

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A new reason to get rid of the Pledge

By JAKE MOKRIS Teen Takeover staff The controversy over the words “under God

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