Unflagging care

Here’s an easy question: What symbol captures the essence of the American spirit and identity? The easy answer is, of course, the American flag.
The flag represents just about everything American: the war for independence, the Constitution, our freedoms, our government, the hundreds of thousands of soldiers who have died to defend our country, various definitions of “the American dream.

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3 Responses to Unflagging care

  1. Matt Dunphy says:

    More handy flag tips: Be sure to get your W Ketchup (that’s wketchup.com), America flavored ketchup, evidenced by it’s ample emblazoning of the American Flag on the ketchup label. Do not forget to have your American Flag lapel pin facing the correct way — you don’t want to trivialize this important symbol of our national heritage. If you feel bad because you’ve let your plastic American car flag(s) get tattered from all those trips to the Wal-Mart, you can always just print your own, and tape it to the inside of your rear windshield. Let the eagle soar!

  2. Kathy says:

    I have lived in five other states, gone to school in yet two different ones, and I would say that Pennsylvania (York) wins in the number of flags displayed. From our front yard, I can see five flagpoles in my neighborhood. The last and only time I remember seeing a private flagpole was at a retired Marine General’s house in California. So, is this perceived patriotic flag-flying indicitive of true patriotism or is it just a decoration that makes people feel good?

  3. jeaves says:

    I love the flag. yes, it does make me feel good to see our US flag flying. We have one where I work along with the state flag and I am the one who always makes sure the flag is in good condition. It is not part of my job, but I like you hate to see the flag abused. We also have one had home and keep it in good condition.

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