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Don’t waste summer watching TV

By JAKE MOKRIS Summer is almost here. Well, actually, it’s not even May, but summer is almost here for me: I’ll be done with my junior year of high school next week. Ah, summer. The time when teens can rest … Continue reading

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Criticize – but not with hatred

By JAKE MOKRIS Fred Phelps makes me very aggravated. Mr. Phelps is a Baptist minister who preaches hatred toward homosexuals. He and his church stage protests at soldiers’ funerals, celebrating the soldiers’ deaths as God’s judgment on society for tolerance … Continue reading

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Riotous children shouldn’t play in traffic

By JAKE MOKRIS The past few weeks have been rather riotous. College students in France rioted, and there were riots in the southwestern U.S. over the new immigration bill. Though I am interested in the issues surrounding these riots, I’m … Continue reading

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Put a stop to all the gambling madness

By DANIEL LANNON Susquehannock High School Well, that’s it. March Madness is over! All the nail-biting, same-jersey-wearing, bracket mania is over. It’s finally time to count up all your winnings from the NCAA tourney — but that’s exactly the problem. … Continue reading

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