Criticize – but not with hatred

Fred Phelps makes me very aggravated. Mr. Phelps is a Baptist minister who preaches hatred toward homosexuals. He and his church stage protests at soldiers’ funerals, celebrating the soldiers’ deaths as God’s judgment on society for tolerance of homosexuality. Because they call themselves Christians (I’m not sure that they are), they give all Christians a bad name, and they dishonor Christ.

Now, this doesn’t mean that homosexuality is acceptable: the Bible calls it “an abomination.

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4 Responses to Criticize – but not with hatred

  1. Kathy says:

    You will find that those people who are able to discuss/debate and disagree about an issue will be able to discuss the issue, and those who are not will attack the other person, often with bitterness or hatred. Sometimes this is due to ignorance or a weak position, but it is also due to sheer frustration.
    The problem with Mr. Phelps and others, like Pat Robertson, is that these people’s actions are likened to those of Old Testament Prophets. In the Old Testament, prophets did speak for God. But, the New Testament says something to the effect olden times, God spoke through the prophets, but now He has spoken through His Son. I’m only a lay person, but I understand this and recognize it as a Biblical teaching. This relates directly to your anything goes or this truth is right for me statements. Unfortunately, Christianity is also infiltrated by many, many teachings that lack sound Biblical understanding.

  2. EAVES says:

    I agree with you. I do not think homosexuality is right, but I am not in their situation. I know many individuals who are homosexual and I consider them friends. They stay private and are good people who like myself believe in God. It is not for me to judge them or say hateful things about them.

  3. joy says:

    Mr Phelps is the ultimate result of believing in the Bible as literal truth. Check out his website. All of his beliefs and actions come straight out of the Bible. Anyone who believes the Bible is literal truth (as you seem to do) cannot justifiably criticize the beliefs and actions of this man.

  4. Katie says:

    When I saw the pictures and article about Fred Phelps and his family at that funeral – I groaned inside, since it does give Baptists and Christians in general a bad name.
    Where in the Bible does it tell us to go to funerals and hold signs that say things like “thank God for dead soldiers” and other odd statements? While the Bible makes it clear that sodomy is wicked, it isn’t the only sin that should be protested. I know an evangelist who preached outside an opening of Brokeback Mountain, but he doesn’t just single out homosexuals to preach to. He’ll go anywhere he sees people disobeying God – just as he ought to do.
    People say that sodomites are “born that way” and some Christians like to say they’re not. Actually, we are all born in sin and are each prone to different abominations. So, yes sin should be preached against, but we shouldn’t pick one kind of sinner and treat him badly.
    I guess you knew I’d respond to this one, Jake. :)
    Oh, about the national debt… good one. lol.

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