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Driving becomes annoying with rude drivers

By NATHAN A. WINGERT One of the best times of our young lives is turning “sweet 16.

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No scientific agreement on global warming

By JAKE MOKRIS Even though global warming is not currently one of the nation’s big issues, it has had ample media coverage recently. On May 7, the article “The politics of ‘sound science’

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Put soda back in schools

By Nathan Aaron Wingert This past week, the major soda distributors have decided to drop non-diet soda sales to schools across the country. My reaction: How dare they? How dare they limit my right to drink what soda I want! … Continue reading

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Running for fun — and T-shirts

By JAKE MOKRIS A few years ago, I started jogging for exercise. I’m not on any high school team, but I have been participating in something else: local races. I’m a member of the York Road Runners Club, an organization … Continue reading

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