Driving becomes annoying with rude drivers

One of the best times of our young lives is turning “sweet 16.

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4 Responses to Driving becomes annoying with rude drivers

  1. bullzeyet says:

    Mr. Wingert, I’d like you to explain to any policeman that stops you this…”Your allowed 10 mph break both ways” point of view. From his view, you’ll still get the ticket.

  2. Nathan says:

    Actually, you’re not getting a ticket. Read the vehicle code and the driver’s manual. You won’t get a ticket until 15 or faster. That’s where I got my facts.

  3. bullzeyet says:

    Tell it to the officer when he stops you, young man. :-))

  4. Nathan says:

    I’m merely repeting the law; I was actually illagally pulled over last summer for “running a rd light” which I was stopped at. I wrote this article in the hopes that it wouldn’t happen again. This is the law, quotted from where the police derive their powers.

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