Take a razor to 9/11 conspiracy theories

According to a recent poll, 36 percent of Americans believe it is “somewhat likely

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  1. Katie says:

    I’m surprised no one commented on this article yet. Anyway…
    I don’t mean to sound dumb, but would you mind clueing me in on some of the supposed evidences that Fahrenheit 911 uses, Jake? I know you said before that you’ve seen it, but I haven’t.
    ~*~ Katie ~*~

  2. Jake says:

    Thanks for commenting, Katie. I don’t completely remember the arguments and evidences in “Fahrenheit 9/11”, but I’ll say what I can.
    One example of speculation in the movie happens at the very beginning, where Michael Moore talks about the 2000 election. Moore says that, the night after voting ended, all the news networks were reporting that Gore won the state of Florida. Later that night, Moore says that Fox News attributed Florida to Bush, and all the news networks did the same. Moore then points out that Bush had a relative who worked at Fox News at that time.
    So Moore implies that Bush cheated, that Bush’s relative got Fox News to report that Florida went to Bush when it actually went to Gore. Moore doesn’t give any more evidence that this happened.
    By Ockham’s razor, I think Moore’s story is not likely to be true. But Moore was clever in starting his movie like that, by attacking the president’s credibility.
    I can remember only one more example. In its attempt to prove that the president cares more for business than for the American people, the movie highlights the Bush administration’s relations to Saudi Arabia. Moore mentions the expensive Saudi Arabian embassy in Washington, D.C., the financial transactions between Saudi Arabia and various businesses with ties to the president and vice-president, and the huge amounts of money that Saudi Arabia has invested in the U.S. There’s even a minute-long scene showing various instances in which members of the Bush administration shook hands with Saudi officials or the Saudi royal family.
    What does all this prove? That Saudi Arabia is a wealthy country. It doesn’t show that the president views business as more important than Americans. Moore does give more evidence that I don’t remember, so it may be that his argument is stronger than how I portray it here.
    When I watched the movie, I got a sense that Moore was speculating most of the time. He gave pieces of what could be evidence, and then he would make conclusions that weren’t too likely to be true. Ockham’s razor would probably “shave off” most of Moore’s theories.
    If you want to learn more, you would have to watch the movie.

  3. Katie says:

    Maybe I’ll get to see it sometime. I certainly don’t agree with attacking someone’s integrity with unsolid evidence. I thought I heard the movie was pro-liberal, and it sure sounds like it is.
    ~*~ Katie ~*~

  4. Alain Robert says:

    Why would the government do such an awful and stupid thing?
    First, the conspiracy theories are not considering the government as a whole, but the same type of rogue network / shadow government that brought us the pay of pigs, the Iran Contra, operation Northwood, etc.
    I think the Occam Razor argument is one against the OFFICIAL conspiracy theory about 9/11. There’s so many facts in the “official” story that need to be explained with incredible and complex theories (explaining why did the tower fell controlled demolition style, with a never seen before “pancake” theory, instead of considering the obvious, EXPLOSIVES). Also, having to blame everything else on incompetence, WITHOUT ANYONE LOOSING THEIR JOB ! the official explanations given for 9/11 are really poor and the official report is full of big holes.
    It’s sad that for Americans, “Evil” can only reside outside their country / government. That it’s SIMPLY IMPOSSIBLE for them to even consider that their gov might be behind 9/11, that 19 evil arabs were able to execute this but not 19 american rogue agents. It is pure American arrogance like usual, but understandable. The inconvenience of admitting that your own government (and not just some FOREIGN government) would be able to do so is too scary for most people.
    That being said, a lot of the 9/11 truth movement and “scholars” are lacking something very important : rigourous methods. F911 and Loose change are good examples where unproven / unprovable theories are put foward without enough research. All the crazy stuff out there only weaken the stand for alternative explanation of what really happened on 9/11. But it’s not because there’s thousand of irrelevant alternative theories out there that the official theory becomes true.
    The only thing someone doing REAL independant research on 9/11 can be sure of, is that we don’t know the truth yet.

  5. brandon holder says:

    The Goverment Will Do Anything To Profit From It Even If It Means Sacraficeing there own people… Prove Me Wrong

  6. rob says:

    There’s a problem with how you and this razor see things. You really just want to take things the government says and believe it without questioning it because it’s already simple enough, there’s no need for a larger, more complex explanation? That’s pretty typical american ignorance right there.

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