The Dover nastiness – a year later

It was about a year ago that Judge Jones handed down his decision in Kitzmiller v. Dover, that intelligent design couldn’t be taught in Dover Area High School. I know this issue brings up confusion, resentment and some very big headaches for a lot of people, so I will try not to defend creationism too much. I just have one thing to say: creationists aren’t idiots.
The one thing that upset me the most last year, when the debate over intelligent design was most heated, was not that I disagreed with the court’s decision. What upset me was the way some local opponents of intelligent design verbally attacked creationists, ridiculed us and portrayed us as idiots because we did not see things the way they saw it. They either attacked creationists’ personalities instead of the arguments for creationism, or they didn’t even deign to discuss the issue, simply dismissing us as insane.

Obviously, creationists really are insane. Whoever can’t see the “mountain of evidence

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