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Cold But Worth It

Just minutes from Canada’s border, the University at Buffalo sits with some of the most extensive majors for a public college.

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Solitary Content

Most precious place to ever be An escape from noise and people With oceans and white waterfalls A place to find pure ecstasy Sitting out on a deck And looking out Just miles of nature To wonder To ponder It … Continue reading

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A leader in Legos

Legos aren’t silly, childish toys anymore. For 18-year-old Jeff Renga, they symbolize the latter part of his childhood. Jeff is a home-schooled student in Red Lion who enjoys channeling his love of technology and passion for Legos into a productive … Continue reading

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21st-century child actors

Most of us know Shirley Temple as the sweet nonalcoholic drink, but still, some in my generation have seen her perfect curls and eternally smiling face in one of her many cutesy movies. I have noticed, however, that in recent … Continue reading

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The Oscar Mayer Wienermobile was in York County Wednesday morning. My mom and my brother saw it near the Fairgrounds – it turned onto Carlisle from Bannister. Anybody know why it was here?

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Code Red

“We are currently in a Code Red, Susquehannock. Please lock all doors.”

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Typos in the Times

Young writers, take heart! Even the elite occasionally get stumped by classic spelling errors.

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I spotted one of those bumper stickers a few days ago. They always amuse me.

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My life is full of quirky friends

People are interesting.

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For those who feel like giving up Their passion because of criticism Strive on

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