Pyrex cup a must-have

I’m going to college this fall, and I’ve been looking for items I might need for my dorm room – anything that would help me survive. The handiest item on my college grocery list is Pyrex’s 4-cup measuring cup.

Not surprisingly, this container’s best feature isn’t that it comes to the rescue whenever you need exactly 4 cups of something.

Unlike other bowls, it has a handle – which means you can carry it around while you eat out of it. That makes meals in your room a lot easier.

The container is microwave safe, so it’s even more convenient. You can cook meals like soup, macaroni and cheese, or oatmeal. Or you can just eat cereal out of it. It won’t wear out, because it’s made of thick glass. My mom bought one 18 years ago, and we still have it.

Pyrex’s 4-cup measuring cup costs about $5. Since you can hold it with just one hand, it’s definitely worth buying.

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