Don’t take domestic violence lightly

This is the story of a girl whose boyfriend beat her up. He beat her up many times, until one day he took it too far. The girl called the police and had her boyfriend arrested for domestic violence.

This made him mad. The boyfriend made his bail within 24 hours and showed up at the girl’s door the next night, with a loaded 9 mm gun.

The girl did not live to tell her story.

This may sound like a tale ripped from a Lifetime movie, but unfortunately, it happens much more than most people think. A few minutes spent watching TV or reading the newspaper will tell the average reader this much.

In an increasingly violent society, it has become more common (and acceptable) for a man or woman to commit a violent crime and walk the streets as a free person a few days later. The unfortunate thing about this situation is that most violent crimes are not random; they are committed with a purpose in mind.

Any human being who is capable of pulling that trigger or clutching that knife once will have the rage to reap revenge on the person who got them a court date. This rage is usually seen as a final desperate attempt to “get back at” the individual, with an even more violent method.

It is high time that the U.S. Congress, with the support of police around the county, pass a law that would not grant bail to individuals who commit violent crimes such as battery, rape, attempted murder and kidnapping. If these people were not given the chance to get revenge on the whistle-blower, many innocent people would still be alive today.

The concept is basic and can be comprehended by even the youngest civics students. Don’t give society’s lowest scum yet another chance to harm innocent people and lives.

Sure, it would cost more money to house a larger number of accused criminals.

But you can’t put a price on safety.

It is much more logical to put money into time in jail than to release criminals back onto the streets where they have a very high likelihood of committing another violent crime before appearing before a judge for sentencing.

Less violent activity would mean fewer homicide investigations and lower emergency medical costs. The public funding no longer needed for that could easily be transferred to prisons.

The math adds up, and it more than makes sense when a human life hangs in the balance. Life is not something to gamble with.

Living day to day with your attempted murderer roaming freely is a game of Russian Roulette.

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