How to find new music

Have you ever wanted to get new music but didn’t feel like going to the music store? Thanks to the Internet, there are many easy ways to find and download new music quickly and easily. Here are some places to start.

1. Use the iTunes store at Most people use iTunes by looking up their favorite artists and downloading their favorite songs. However, iTunes has many features that can be used to find new music. By looking at songs that are already on your computer, iTunes will show you several albums or artists that are from the same genres as your other music. iTunes also has a free download every week that features an up-and-coming artist.

2. Visit This is a Web site that has a similar search engine to iTunes. You can search for a specific band or browse a genre that you like. Bands will have songs up that you can listen to, and sometimes even download, for free. The main page features bands that are popular on the site and also bands that are new to the site.

3. Check music. If you have a MySpace page, it is a great place to find new bands. Your home page will feature a few new bands every couple of days. You can read a little bit about them and listen to songs from their albums. Some bands even have their new albums available on MySpace before they release them on CD. MySpace will feature music from all genres, but they usually feature bands that are unknown or gaining popularity.

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