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Student pilot is MIT-bound

How many high school students are crazy enough to take Calculus III? Here in York County, at least one is: Mike Roberts. He took the class this spring at Penn State York

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It’s true. I like talking

People are always telling me I have a serious problem telling a story concisely. I’m pretty sure they just don’t understand my logic behind this habit. They say it’s because I like to hear the sound of my own voice. … Continue reading

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A Fresh Look at 27 Lights

You may remember hearing about 27 Lights – the local band with a few years of experience, a recording contract with Rock Hollow Records and a new self-titled album. Maybe you heard about the band and its members through school … Continue reading

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Yes, Like the Little Mermaid

A common response I get after I introduce myself is, “Oh! Like the Little Mermaid!” It used to annoy me so much, and I was adamant about making the point that no, I was not named after the Little Mermaid … Continue reading

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Crave Everything New and Fabulous?

Are you one of those people who always knows “what’s hot” and “what’s just arrived”? Well, if you weren’t before, now you can be—visit the website to learn about the latest in fashion, entertainment, gadgets, future technology, and more. … Continue reading

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Hang Ten With The New Penguin Flick

While penguins have been a common choice for movies the past year or two, Surf’s Up portrays them in a never before seen light.

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~Meet Rachel Bragg~

Hello everyone! I am Rachel Bragg, one of the youngest (I think, maybe) members of ydr’s Teen Takeover. I love talking (right now as I write this blog, I’m talking to about three people on IM. Make that four. Five…)

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Don’t fall for tanning beds

Barneys New York just introduced a line of Kate Moss-inspired clothing and Britney Spears most likely has yet another perfume waiting to hit department stores soon. But with the help of one inexpensive, quick regiment, you can be a step … Continue reading

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In My Shoes for a Moment…

Sometimes, I imagine what it would be like to be in someone else’s “shoes.” I wonder whether it would be comfy or constricting–sedate or full of ebullience. Either way, I always come to the same conclusion; I’m glad I live … Continue reading

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Emily would be so disappointed

Although I am not a member of Congress, I would like to propose a new law. I feel that everyone who resides in the United States should have to read the Emily Post guide to etiquette. It contains tips and … Continue reading

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