Craving something new?

Are you one of those people who always knows “what’s hot” and “what’s just arrived”? Well, if you weren’t before, now you can be—visit the website to learn about the latest in fashion, entertainment, gadgets, future technology, and more. This site gives you plenty of markets in which to become an instant guru, so if you fancy being simultaneously amazed and enlightened, I suggest at least a brief glance. From the new to the cool to the just plain absurd, this site covers everything imaginable. (So far, one of my favorite items is this light up dress spreading across the Japan clubbing scene.) Sound pretty unbelievable? Don’t worry; almost every entry has its source for checking credibility. Anyway, if you’re a bit bored or it’s another lazy, humid day, visit the website. It’s updated weekly, so at the very least, you can impress your friends with a bit of useless knowledge.

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