Eighth Grade

So, school starts in a few days. Am I excited?

Excited isn’t the first word that comes to mind. Maybe third or fourth, but not first. I’m a nerd, sometimes, but I’m not going to hop onto the school bus that first morning with a huge smile on my face. For one thing, I have some kids in my class who, let’s just say, we aren’t on the best of terms. All of my other friends are in different classes, so I’m with no one I really know (save for my enemies, for lack of a better word).
If anything, I’m anxious. Homework, kids, projects, teachers; it all floats around in my head, somewhere in that dimension between sleep and wake. How well will I do? Am I going to survive (a melodramatic one, I am)? Every possible scenario has been played.
So…am I excited? Maybe a little.

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