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Gettin’ lost

Sunday afternoon, 10 members of the York Daily Record/Sunday News Teen Takeover staff took a field trip to Maize Quest Fun Park in New Park. For more on this crazy adventure, see the related post at To sum up: … Continue reading

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Should teens trick-or-treat?

Halloween is a time of fun to be had by all – or is it? Adolescents and grown-ups alike have long speculated over the issue of teens and trick-or-treating. Adults argue that rowdy, pumpkin-smashing, candy-stealing teens make trick-or-treating unsafe and … Continue reading

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Ways to prolong your procrastination

1. Look under your bed or in your closet. You’ll be sure to find old, forgotten things that should provide hours of entertainment. 2. Clean off your iPod or MP3 player. Everybody has a few old tunes that get skimmed … Continue reading

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Reaching out in El Salvador

Name: Rebekah Mackley Age: 16 School: William Penn Senior High School junior What’s something exciting you’ve done recently? I just got back from my trip to El Salvador.

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Hoho’s Music Worth Your Time

“So much music, so little time.” With so many artists around, it is hard to pick out the good ones. Someone who everyone needs to watch out for is an acoustic/folk-rock artist from Mifflintown by the name of Nathaniel Hoho. … Continue reading

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In the middle

Of Pennsylvania, that is. Susquehanna University, or “SU” as it is known among those familiar to the college, is located in Selinsgrove, putting it right in the middle of the state.

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Step up and learn about the world

Ever idolized the newest European fashions? Appreciated the finest of Asian cuisine? Danced to the latest club music from South America? Listened to the distinctive African drums? Admired styles of foreign architecture? In our multicultural society, everything is easily accessible … Continue reading

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You May Be Surprised

I barely go clothes shopping in York. If I need new clothes, my family and I usually head out of town, sometimes to Park City and occasionally to King of Prussia. The same goes for dress shopping, so this year, … Continue reading

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Behind Time

They say “time flies when you’re having fun” but I’ve noticed, Time flies when it feels like it – usually when you wish the minutes would slowly melt away, like strawberry-ice-cream drops left by sticky-fingered children when you wish that … Continue reading

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Free cake, Elvis and a part-time job?

When many teens go to work, they fill their long hours with grumbling customers and grueling bosses. When Spring Grove Area Senior High School senior Brittany Kauffman goes to work, she fills her shift with serenading Elvis impersonators and leftover … Continue reading

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