Gettin’ lost

Sunday afternoon, 10 members of the York Daily Record/Sunday News Teen Takeover staff took a field trip to Maize Quest Fun Park in New Park. For more on this crazy adventure, see the related post at Arriving.jpg
To sum up: We got really lost in a big field of corn cut to look (to the birds) like a rocket, the Earth, and an astronaut. At least that’s what they tell you. To us, it pretty much looked the same everywhere — corn, corn and more corn. Katy.jpg
And so, for an afternoon, we became…children of the corn….
Where was I?
Oh, yes….After the long and arduous journey through the stalks, we convened for a campfire and roasted ourselves in the unseasonably warm afternoon sun, along with some hot dogs, pepperoni and S’mores over a campfire. ShantiaKaty.jpg
Lily coordinated an effort to send Katy off to the big state of New York with a chocolate-and-peanut butter cake from Brown’s Orchards that I can testify (as a connisseur of chocolate-and-peanut butter cakes) is among the best I’ve eaten. (See picture below)Cake.jpg

Here’s the rest of the pictures: Map.jpg

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