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guess whose hyper!!

heyy everyone!! y’all should get used to my incoherent rambling, cuz now that i have my own computer im gunna try to post EVERY DAY!! wont that be fun…. 🙂 lol

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Random thought.

I wonder if this has anything to do with postsecret? It seems too similar to be a coincidence. I hate The All-American Rejects, so this is way better with the sound off. Trust me.

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Happy Halloween

Halloween is exciting with treat and candy. Going door to door saying, “TRICK OR TREAT!”

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The Line

Seth Black is back!!!! Whoooo!! After months of not blogging and ages of missing meetings due to Marching Band, I am finally reemerging on the journalistic scene! On the topic tonight-reforming policies. Recently in my Yearbook class, we have taken … Continue reading

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Is it Politically Correct to Make a Comment on How Tall Someone is?

This is not ment to offend anyoneone. I’m just simply making a statement.

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One last entry.

I’m in a blogging mood. 🙂 I have an amazing website that you need to check out if you haven’t already. is an online community of secret-sharers. If you have a secret you want to put out in … Continue reading

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This is a little random. But what are some things you consider to be common misconceptions? Like, emo is derived from emotional. That’s a big one for me. “Emo” is a term that refers to a music movement that began … Continue reading

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Hi everyone. I’m going to let you all in on a few things I’ve been doing lately that have [kind of] prevented me from blogging. I baked cookies! Chocolate Chip. I really don’t like making any other kind. I’m a … Continue reading

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My personal excuses for not posting (and so much better than ‘my dog ate my blog address’)…

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Halloween Parade!!

Soooo…..I’m sittin here talkin to my friend zach on the phone and eatin candy!! from the halloween paprade i just marched in (guard) and then ran back to sit and watch and het candy 🙂

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