guess whose hyper!!

heyy everyone!! y’all should get used to my incoherent rambling, cuz now that i have my own computer im gunna try to post EVERY DAY!! wont that be fun…. 🙂 lol

soooooooo……… REALLLY bored! noone is responding to me on myspace and aim is retatded! oh crap. i should send in my story. niice. 1/2 day tomrro and off friday! 🙂 woot woot. last game! against dallastown! soo glad. its gettin too cold to sit out there! eatin more candy. mmmm…CANDY! lol ya know, it looks like my room threw up. or a hurricane came through. either way. i need to clean! oh yeahh, and guess who dyed her hair?! mee, its now dark aburn (from lite brown/blondish) kay, soo im gunna head on out to email my story! l8r g8rs.

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