Nice Little Suprise!

You know, with Thanksgiving being tomorrow, and family, relatives coming up things can be a little crazy. My mom, the cleaning kind of gal she is made me clean my whole room today (du, du, duh). I was avoiding cleaning under my bed because it was really messy and god only knows what’s under there. Anyway my mom came, in looked under my bed and said, “You’re not done yet!” So as I reluctantly started pulling out miscellaneous objects. You know the usual, cloths, over due food, some old homework I came upon my old diary from 7th grade. I’m like wow! I opened it and started to read it. I had at least a year’s worth of entries in that thing. I spent hours reading and remembering some of the things I had forgotten about. I felt like such an old lady because it wasn’t that long ago, and I almost forgotten everything. It was kind a weird reading something you wrote a while ago. There were some painful memories that re-runned in my head like an old movie I’d seen before. There were also some creative drawings that made me laugh. But I was thinking, if only I knew that at the time, things would have turned out differently. Well, I’m still getting yelled at cause my room isn’t clean yet. But hey, what a nice little surprise under the bed!

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2 Responses to Nice Little Suprise!

  1. Lily says:

    That’s cool. I never kept a diary when I was little….er. If something is on my mind I write it down, though…but not daily.

  2. Sue says:

    Must have been cleaning week. I recently found three shoe boxes full of old letters. Read through them this weekend and it made me remember life back in middle and high school (the good and the bad)

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