NYC trip leads to ‘Spring Awakening’

I stand at the train station with my admiral blue pea coat from Target and dangerously blue skinny jeans, luggage in tow.

Among the early morning commuters, I look alert. I look like a city girl. I’m loaded. Bogged down with cameras, maps and the ever-important black Sharpie. Perfect for getting important signatures.

My destination? New York City. I’m off to see the musical “Spring Awakening.”

Now, by chance and a generous grandmother, I am able to witness this new spectacle of Broadway, in its infantile stage. Ripe with original cast members.

But wait, I’m getting ahead of myself. Silence is golden, and I try to hold in my excitement until I stride through the Eugene O’Neill Theater.

My personal definition of the musical is 1890s Germany meets rock ‘n’ roll. The nitty-gritty of the plot is teenagers in Germany going through angst-filled adolescence without guidance from adults.

Fancy that. I can relate.

But I digress.

As I enter the theater, a simple schoolhouse set is visible. The back wall is brick and practically drowing under the weight of pictures, knick-knacks and blackboards. The lights dim, and the first note permeates the room.

The musical is artistically brilliant. The music, the singing, the lighting … all worthy of the eight Tony awards the production received. Clearly, I am not the only one drawn by “Spring Awakening.” The legendary Andrew Lloyd Webber sits several rows behind me.

Afterward, I make a beeline for the stage door. The cast members are all attractive, young and charismatic. I ask the two lead guys to sign my shoes, and pose for pictures.

While riding home on the train, I stare out into the darkening horizon, humming the songs, and promising myself to relive “Spring Awakening.”

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