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“Pushing Daisies” charms viewers

ABC brought a witty and charming show to viewers this fall. “Pushing Daisies” illustrates the power and beauty of being alive, and adds comedy and fantasy to television. The revolutionary visual effects, brightly enhanced colors and filming techniques make viewers … Continue reading

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Does anyone follow through on their resolutions?

New Year’s is a time to set goals for the upcoming year. I’ve always wondered, does anyone actually complete their New Year’s resolution? Do people believe New Year’s resolutions can be completed?

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Say Anything mixes it up

The indie band Say Anything recently released the newest installment in its offbeat, often controversial repertoire of albums, “In Defense of the Genre.” The six-man group is known for quirky songs that play to the taste of artsy, independent spirits … Continue reading

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The Unrecognized Winner

My friend and I were going to enter a competition in lieu of doing reaction papers for our AP Gov class. But due technicalities and the need to make our project awesome, we couldn’t enter the competition…but it still earned … Continue reading

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Senior gets jump start on nursing career

Dallastown Area High School senior Crystal Poe, 17, doesn’t work at a grocery store or restaurant or family business. She is already pursuing her future career in the nursing field. Poe is a certified nursing assistant at ManorCare Nursing and … Continue reading

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You are more than a test score.” This is the motto for, a Web site focused on letting college admissions counselors see more than “just a test score” from students for free. Essentially a MySpace for admissions counselors, Zinch … Continue reading

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Robo-cookies kill nostalgia

Remember those carefree, nose-picking days of childhood when mom baked homemade cookies, while swearing by the family recipe? Can you taste the warm chocolate chips, picture the chocolate-dipped beaters in the kitchen sink? Right. Now, scratch that memory.

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Mix it up at UNC Chapel Hill

An old well that blesses students who drink from it on the first day of class with good luck. A sports team that takes its name from a Civil War legend.

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Six O’clock Breakfast blend Brew me a fresh cup. Last until eight, it’s eleven. Lunchtime has never seemed complete without the fresh blend. Five minutes to brew, one minute to drink. That is the way the coffee grinds in my … Continue reading

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The best Christmas gift of all

The director of our spring musical posted the cast list a day early.

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