Robo-cookies kill nostalgia

Remember those carefree, nose-picking days of childhood when mom baked homemade cookies, while swearing by the family recipe? Can you taste the warm chocolate chips, picture the chocolate-dipped beaters in the kitchen sink?

Right. Now, scratch that memory.

In fact, ship it out, put it in a plastic container, and throw mom’s cookies away. Make room for the future, Martha Stewart. This is the land of processed, packaged and un-personalized food. Nestle Toll House Scoop and Bake cookies are the light at the end of the tunnel of lazy, technological America. No more will you have to gather in the kitchen, licking the bowls and beating the mix.

Now, just scoop spoonfuls of cookie dough out of a cold, hard family-sized container and place it in the oven. When you’re sitting there, nine to 11 minutes later, you’ll feel content in knowing there’s no hassle of cleaning up.

However, a strange sense of nostalgia and guilt might also creep down your throat – along with the dough mixed by robotic arms – that you just missed out on what baking cookies is really about.

– Review by LILY KOTANSKY, Susquehannock High School

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