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Winters Grasp

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How breaking my arm is leading to my downfall

I had big plans for my 18th birthday. I was going on an all day shopping trip, spending my hard-earned money without cringing. I was going to spend the whole day with my two best friends, then end it with … Continue reading

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So the superbowl is coming up next weekend…and I just realized…I have no idea who is even playing in it…

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Did anyone see last nights democratic debate? Well I did, gosh Hilary and Obama were really at it! I wonder what that says about the two of them if they ever became President? Did anyone else see it? If so … Continue reading

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Afternoon Adventure

I took an unexpected half-hour detour after school today.

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Debbie Downer

Come on…we all know we have one in our lives. It’s that relative you just can’t stand.

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Election 2008: Kerry ‘endorses’ Obama

Today, Massachusetts senator John Kerry threw his support behind Barack Obama. The media’s all over it because he didn’t endorse John Edwards, his former running mate. I, however, have pondered something else: Who would want to be endorsed by John … Continue reading

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That Beautiful state called California

So I’d love to upload a beautiful picture of a palm tree or the beaches or from the plane of beautiful clouds or even the Hollywood sign…but it won’t upload anything…so I guess I’ll just have to tell you about … Continue reading

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Just Wondering

&& just when I thought I had you…you left me wondering…

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Abiding by the Bard

I am pure nerd. No, a nerd is a great thing to be. I’m well-read, is all. Why am I a nerd? Well, I’m going to a show. It has blood, fight-scenes, raunchy jokes and murder. Still wondering why I … Continue reading

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