Abiding by the Bard

I am pure nerd.
No, a nerd is a great thing to be. I’m well-read, is all. Why am I a nerd? Well, I’m going to a show. It has blood, fight-scenes, raunchy jokes and murder.
Still wondering why I consider myself a nerd?
This show has a name.

First off, let me explain how I happened upon the show.
I love Penn and Teller (read upcoming Group to Watch) and Teller is co-directing this production with Aaron Posner.
They are putting their brilliant spin on the play, and emphasizing its horror genre, as well as playing up the magic of Macbeth. Teller is a professional magician, so I’m looking forward to disappearing blood and specters.
They promise a new look into Macbeth’s crazy mindset, too.
It will play at Folger’s Theater in Washington D.C.
If interested, go to www.folger.edu.

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One Response to Abiding by the Bard

  1. Cassie says:

    You are anything but a nerd. And I love you for this. [Hope you Mrs. and Mr. Kelley have fun!] hah.

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