Winters Grasp

My heart is sick loneliness and afraid of the light. But, restless memories of sunshine warm my soul. Memories of golden warm skin, and sunshine glistening my eyes. A summers breeze through my untamed hair makes me want to be wild and free. A thousand sunflowers, lilies, and calming lavender comforts my senses. But alas, summer is not here yet! Not even spring has emerged. For I am still stuck in winters tight grasp. I would trade a cold, windy, gloomy winters night for a warm summers clear night sky. I miss the flowers, breeze, and stars. I miss the grass cushioning beneath my bare feet, I miss the days where I could sit outside for hours and admire the clouds, trees, and life that summer brings. But for now, I can only dream, and sit here in winters lonely, lifeless, almost depressing daze.

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2 Responses to Winters Grasp

  1. Lily says:

    Boo, winter.
    And, aha! My name is in that prose!

  2. Ace says:

    I like the summmers I agree the winter is so almost lifeless it so white

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