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Fact, fiction? Or irrelevant.

I think I might be forced to create a Leap Day holiday simply so I can send dictionaries to all major media groups as presents. They can christen their gifts by using them to look up the word “relevancy.” Maybe, … Continue reading

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Videos of my Musical Family

Okay, remember that diary I wrote awhile back about my family “jamming” together during Thanksgiving? I FINALLY compiled the clips I took that night together and posted them. (Yeah, a few months late, but they’re up nonetheless!) Check them out! … Continue reading

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Pajama Pants

Apparently it’s a tradition to wear pajama pants inside out and backwards the night before bad weather to get a snow day. Did anyone else know this? I didn’t do it…I didn’t want one…for once in my life.

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Actions do speak louder than words

“I have engaged not just in talk, but in action.”

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Election 2008: Something to ponder…

“Hope is not a strategy.” Think about it.

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A ‘Waitress’ Sweet as Pie

Serve up the movie Waitress to sweeten the winter blues.

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Back to school

…Break wasn’t exactly fun for me, but school isn’t either. I don’t know… I didn’t mind school, and I hope I haven’t caught any “senioritis,” but I’m really really really ready to graduate. Anyone else agree?

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I’m going to go see Jumper today!

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Off Day

I wasn’t very good at bowling today, I just barely made my average the first game, and then I bowled in the 170’s for the last two games. Maybe next week, yeah?

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I have to babysit my next door neighbor kids. Wish me luck.

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