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‘Vantage point’ worth a view

Imagine a world where no one can trust one another and you must always watch your back. This world exists in “Vantage Point,” a thriller with an award-winning cast including Dennis Quaid, Matthew Fox, Forest Whitaker, Sigourney Weaver and William … Continue reading

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Losing mom is like losing a best friend

I know that it might sound corny, but the No. 1 hero and role model in my life is my mom. Throughout the years she has been there for me no matter what I do. She has always encouraged me. … Continue reading

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‘Death Cab’ guitarist gets political

Those familiar with the Bellingham, Wash., indie quartet Death Cab for Cutie are more than likely familiar with Chris Walla. Everyone else probably is not. The guitarist for Death Cab, and the producer for various other artists including The Decemberists, … Continue reading

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Tykes’ singing sparks nostalgia

I must admit that I wanted to take a nap. After all, it had been a really long week. I had a quiz every day, I just started my SAT prep class and I had an enormous project in English. … Continue reading

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Fun is at hand

For years, Nintendo has been making portable game systems affordable and fun for kids. Starting with the black-and-white Game Boy, then moving quickly to the popular Game Boy Color, Nintendo remained at the front of this market. Then, about four … Continue reading

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Rambling memoir of self-pity

In her personal memoir, “Eat, Pray, Love,” Elizabeth Gilbert shares her journey through Italy, India and Bali.

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Check out a ‘Little Ivy’

Tucked away in the rural town of Clinton, N.Y., is Hamilton College, the 17th-best liberal arts school in the United States. This “College on the Hill” is perfect for students looking for a good liberal arts education boosted by a … Continue reading

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The question was do teens have short attention spans? Why do they have these short attention spans? Many of us responded with similar answers–we don’t have enough time; we have too much to do; the technological age has pushed us … Continue reading

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Panic At The Disco’s new album will raise eyebrows, cause frowns, cause smiles, and a lot of people comparing it to “Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Band” by the Beatles. I am not saying Panic At The Disco is the next … Continue reading

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April = National Poetry Month

Now, I know that it’s not April yet, but it’s close enough! On April 5 and 6, YorkArts will be hosting a poetry celebration. Come out and celebrate! ALL WORKSHOPS FREE AND OPEN TO THE PUBLIC! NO PRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED! Continue … Continue reading

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