Fun is at hand

For years, Nintendo has been making portable game systems affordable and fun for kids.

Starting with the black-and-white Game Boy, then moving quickly to the popular Game Boy Color, Nintendo remained at the front of this market.

Then, about four years ago, they revolutionized the gaming industry once again with the Nintendo DS. This dual-screen gaming system took handheld games to a new level, and also to a new market. It is now not just children who play with Nintendo DS, but adults as well.

Since the release of the original DS, Nintendo has come out with the Nintendo DS Lite, which is the same system but slimmer and more compact. Every DS comes with a stylus, which is used for the touch screen on the lower screen. The DS also has four buttons to the right of the touch screen and a directional pad on the left of the touch screen. Games can use the touch screen, the control buttons or both.

Every DS also comes with a wireless interface, which can be used for chatting or playing the same game with others on a nearby DS.

There are a variety of games available for the DS, including those intended for an older audience. The game “Brain Age” and “Big Brain Academy” are intended to help train your brain, and are advertised for audiences 20 years and older. The DS has taken what was formerly a toy for youth and turned it into a fun gadget for adults.

The Nintendo DS is truly a remarkable piece of technology. Best of all, it is slim, compact and portable, so you can enjoy playing this fun system everywhere.

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