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Ok, so…

I have finallyyyy resized some California pictures from my trip over Christmas break!! This was my first view…from the plane…beautiful!!… And if you wish to see more…keep reading!!

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Oh, We’ve Got Trouble

So, the deadline for the main article is due in a week, and I can’t think of a good way to open it. Well, I know I want to open it with a story, but I don’t know how to … Continue reading

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A ‘Lucky Charm’ All Its Own

While college hunting in Philly last Saturday, I discovered a place that I’d only heard of before as a legend. Was it Stonehenge? The Colesseum? Sesame Street? No. It was a cereal bar.

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Dorney Park Band Competition

Today the music department of Dallastown Middle went to a huge competition…

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Pre-Prom Frenzy

York Highs prom is tomorrow and everybody is in a mad dash for last minute items and appointments. Every year sky nails has hundreds of filled appointments on the days leading up to prom and has a mad rush of … Continue reading

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Yiruma: Calming Music for a Hectic World

I’m sure most people reading this have never heard of Yiruma, a Korean piano composer. While he’s known all around the world, I’ve decided to bring him to York County, even if just through a blog. Because everyone deserves to … Continue reading

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April Flowers Bring May Showers?

Is anyone else really sick of the dreary weather? A couple musical groups were supposed to sing at Cherry Lane today as a field trip, but it was cancelled due to the rain. Needless to say, we were all pretty … Continue reading

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Tales from the cafeteria

It’s hard to get a high-school diploma without experiencing the kind of education you can only get from time spent in the school cafeteria. You learn basic principles such as: If you can’t identify it, don’t eat it. A packed … Continue reading

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Racing games easy to play on Wii

I was playing “Mario Kart Racing” with my brother on the Wii the other day and I realized how much easier it is to play on the Wii rather than a regular racing game. It’s not as confusing with all … Continue reading

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Crazy for You

To contine the trivial theme that’s been established on the blog for the past week, I thought I’d mention that Central York won best overall performance at the Rosies last night. Seems Jon beat me to it, though… Anyway, I … Continue reading

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