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Beating The Summer Blues!

Hey! How is everyone? Today seems to drag along for me today. It seems like there is NOTHING on T.V! So yeah. (Mucho Boredom)!

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Introducing Alicia Miller!

This is Alicia here. I go to West York Middle School. (Exciting, NOT.) I’m going into 8th grade. I am the field hockey manager. During the summer I watch the two biggest brats in the world, my sisters. I help … Continue reading

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July 25 :)

I’m soo excited to see the loves of my Life the JONAS BROTHERS! I have been diagnosed with OJD. OJD stands for Obsessive Jonas Disorder! I am proud to have it too.

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That’s Eberle…no y at the end

I’ve watched the Teen Takeover staff from afar for years, and now I’m excited to be a part of it. Some fast facts about Kara Eberle:

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Me, Myself & I…..

Why hello there. My name is Amber. Amber Routson is the name and music is the game. I’m really into music. You are probably wondering, but no, sadly I do not play an instrument. I’ve always wanted to play the … Continue reading

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Sex and the City…THE MOVIE

Since age 13 I think I have been hooked on the show Sex and the City.The big city and frivoulous lifestyles initially drew me in. When I heard there was a movie coming out, I was hesitant…. I mean, did … Continue reading

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Adventures in New York

The cabin we stayed in was supported by cinder blocks and sticks. Enough said. I tried to walk straight and I ended up running into the wall on the far side. There were two tiny beds, a minifridge, and a … Continue reading

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My latest :)

As most of you know, I quite enjoy drawing, and my latest self-assignment was to artistically tackle this season American Idol’s Jason Castro….Here’s how he turned out 🙂

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Life is hard

It’s hard to get over that fact that my uncle is gone forever and is never coming back. I was at my friend’s party yesterday and went into the bathroon crying because I miss my uncle so much. He was … Continue reading

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I’m excited to meet the new rookies of Teen Takeover and to get our new teen shirts!

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