homecoming? more like stress coming!

Anything that has to do with school really isn’t a lot of fun. Except the dances well here were I was wrong. Homecoming for me this year was a lot of stress. Where are we going to eat? What color will be my dress? Pictures or no pictures? Who are we going with? At all this stress I thought that my head was going to explode! Well on top of all this my relatives decided to have a wedding the day of my dance. To be exact on hour before my dance. I was crunched for time, and time wasn’t the only thing that was crunched. Stupid I decided to wear Steve Madden shoes. Now Steve Madden it’s really new and really pretty. But if you read the fine print their made of wood! So basically it’s like walking in Dutch shoes for 6hrs. But, after all the fiasco of the wedding I had the time of my life at dinner. My date I and four of my besties went to Al Dente which is Italian food. I wasn’t really sure how I would like it considering I really only like Olive Garden. But my date and my friends insisted on this place. I had so much fun and took a ton of pictures, I will remember this amazing evening for the rest of my life I guarantee it!

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