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HUGE Game.

For all of those people who follow high school girls volleyball their was a huge game this Monday involving Susquehannock and Delone Catholic. This may be biased because I am a part of the Warrior varsity team but it was … Continue reading

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So far Dallastown’s varsity football team is undefeated. This week we play Central, which will apparently be a real test. I’ve heard they’re good this year. Any thoughts?

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Dear Disney?

I don’t watch The O.C.. I don’t think I’d like The O.C.. But I sure do love the YouTube videos spoofing their “Dear Sister” episode. For some reason, I find this one especially funny. Maybe because it’s Disney.

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Movies Rule!

Between school, homework, and other day to day rituals. It seems like no one really has any time to sit back and relax. But every once in a while if I have time, I love to watch movies.

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Omg, I got these really cool converse high tops today. I got to pairs and one is black and the others are black and they have words on them. They have tons of colors. Peach, pink, blue, green, red, light … Continue reading

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new puppy;)

I’ve had dogs for all my life and hope to always have one in whatever home I settle. It was my brother’s birthday yesterday, and after church, I said to my uncle “I think Matthew wants a puppy this year.” … Continue reading

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Tired of Reality TV

Flipping through the channels on any evening, a person is guaranteed to find at least a dozen reality TV shows. Why does viewing America constantly need to see people competing against one another on national TV trying to earn money … Continue reading

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When Spaghetti Goes Bad

Very bad. Note to self: Spaghetti at the high school is secretly poison. Yuck…

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Teens take on York Fair

Take eight teenagers to the York Fair for one hour, set them free and what do you get? Find out below as members of the York Daily Record/Sunday News’ Teen Takeover staff tell you their take on the annual institution.

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To The One I Love…

The road we’re on, i don’t want it to end. There isn’t an exit, only wide open lanes to fill. I’ll be your passenger, if you’ll take me to places I’ve never been. I don’t care how we get there, … Continue reading

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