Tired of Reality TV

Flipping through the channels on any evening, a person is guaranteed to find at least a dozen reality TV shows. Why does viewing America constantly need to see people competing against one another on national TV trying to earn money or some other type of ludacris prize? Yes, some of these shows are amusing, but the arguing, anger, and nastiness of the players is incessant, and gets old extremely fast. And the enormous irony of it all is its name: “reality TV.” I don’t think TV can get any farther from “real.” Do people in the “real” world live on a deserted island for months on end like heathens to compete for money? Do people in the “real” world gossip about their roomates to a camera to be watched by millions of people? (Ok, YouTube might make that possible for real people, I admit.) Oh, and one of my favorites, does one “real” man date a dozen girls at a time to see which one he likes best and gets rid of the ones he doesn’t? Perhaps I’m old fashioned, but this ridiculous form of TV doesn’t seem very real to me; I would much rather interact with the real people in my life than watch the lives of others on my TV.

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