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Ironic with a capital I

Why is it that sometimes in the first marking period that your worst subject is your best grade? It makes absolutely no sense at all. I just have checked my grades online and my math grade is through the roof. … Continue reading

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food in school?

Have you ever been so concentrated in school and your stomach starts to growl? I think that we as freshman should be able to eat in between classes. Because it just so happens that i forgot to eat breakfast today … Continue reading

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Ice Cream Truck Driver Not Who I Thought He Was

Today I was walking over to Valley View from our high school-Valley View is a school that houses kindergarten and first grade in my school district-when an ice cream truck came into the parking lot. I thought the man driving … Continue reading

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Sarah Palin!

I get to see Sarah Palin tomorrow with my classmates!

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YC’s band is the best!!

York Catholic High School is going to competition for band this weekend and I want everyone to wish them luck!
We’ve only made 6th and 5th place which isn’t very good at all. So GO YC!

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Going to States

To most people Cross Country is a really dumb sport where people just run around in circles. Those people are wrong. Cross Country takes a lot of guts and hard work. Believe it or not, running (that’s what cross country … Continue reading

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I adore fall! Seriously, it’s so pretty! The leaves are changing, the sky is an alluring shade of blue…it’s great! It makes me want to go make some apple cider or go outside and eat an apple. Apples and fall … Continue reading

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Does Gym Class Affect Your GPA?

The big news spreading around my school (Suburban) right now is whether or not gym class is going to affect a student’s GPA next year. Thankfully I’ll be out of high school by then, but I will feel bad for … Continue reading

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Dallastown Going to Districts

That means extended season for band. As glad as I am for Dtown, I’d rather not have more Friday’s taken away…

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My First Day of School……again

After attending the Christian School of York for five years, finally I’m moving to bigger and better things, known as Central High School!!!!!!!!! Walking through the School with like over a thousand students is a little over-whelming. Especially, when your … Continue reading

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