Writer’s Block

I love to write. In fact, I would like to pursue it as a career. But at the moment I am experiencing the infamous writer’s block. It is possibly because of the amount I must write at the moment: two stories for my school newspaper, a paper for a college course I am taking, and an essay for my college applications. My ideas are running thin. My biggest worry is the college essay: how much consideration does the college put into the essay? If it is too “fluffy: while they think I am a bad applicant? Anyway, I just need inspiration…something that relieves the WRITER’S BLOCK. Maybe something that will write the perfect essay for me…

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  1. Nickie Dobo says:

    I’ve found the best way to cure writers block (for me, anyway) is to sit down and just start typing whatever comes out of my fingers.
    Sometimes I am just typing “I have writer’s block because …” It gets me going and before long I have gone into other topics.
    When I have trouble writing stories sometimes I will write the end before I write the beginning. That’s not to say I use that ending. It’s just a trick to get me started.
    Good luck.

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