Does Gym Class Affect Your GPA?

The big news spreading around my school (Suburban) right now is whether or not gym class is going to affect a student’s GPA next year. Thankfully I’ll be out of high school by then, but I will feel bad for the underclassmen if that rumor comes true. So that made me wonder if other schools around York County have a policy where gym class does affect GPA.

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2 Responses to Does Gym Class Affect Your GPA?

  1. Jen says:

    In my high school it always did. But then again, that was what — 13 — yikes! — years ago!

  2. Sometimes I wish gym does affect my GPA. It should, because at my school its mandatory that we have to take it all year, in history and English you have to do work and it affects your grade just as much. And in gym we have to run laps and do sports and all so YES! I do think that it should affect our GPA!

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