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Did I mention Where I am going to be in 4 years…

Thats right.

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I am no Michael Phelps

I decided to join the high school swim team after being inspired by Michael Phelps in the Olympics. I was like “eh, it cannot be that hard. He makes it look easy and how hard can swimming really be.” Trust … Continue reading

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Almost Over

As I am sitting here, I can’t help but think that its almost over. Not the end of the world or anything, just Thanksgiving break.

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The Price of Eyes

Over the Thanksgiving break, I have been reminded of the cost of my eyes. I developed an eye infection, therefore had to take numerous trips to the eye doctor, as well as use eye drops. It just makes me realize … Continue reading

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How to prepare for the holidays

Everyone needs a bit of motivation when prepping for these busy holidays days ahead: 1. Make a wish list Nothing can promote holiday spirit or provoke your parents more than an endless list of goodies that have the potential to … Continue reading

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How many people have went to see Twilight? What did you think of it? …book or movie?

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Happy Thanksgiving!

I just wanted to tell everyone out their in cyber space HAPPY THANKGIVING! What is your favorite thanksgiving food…? What is the part of the meal you can wait to eat?

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I have been wanting to go to Temple for the longest time. It has been the only school I have applied to more than a month ago. Everytime I open my mailbox I was hoping to see an envelope. An … Continue reading

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No Time…Pas de Temps.

My lack of posting recently on here actually proves what I’m feeling right now…there is not enough time in a day/week/year/life to do all that you want. Between sports, friends, family, birthdays, parties, holidays, school, work etc. how do I … Continue reading

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Silver Lining the Clouds of Unemployment

Joanna Myers. Female. Age seventeen. Available to work between the hours of nine AM and nine PM. Again and again, I wrote this information, wondering each time if I might get lucky. Yet on August 27, the day before twelfth … Continue reading

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