I just happened to look on the top of the section about how many drafts that I have posted and come to notice that I have about 50. That is an awful lot, but I read over a recent post about Barack Obama that I had posted. I really didn’t mean to make anything that I had said sound racist or crude. But in most of them I felt verbally attacked; I do have my reasons for disliking our new president elect. But, that really is beyond the point right now. I have an opinion and I really thought that was what blogging was about. Something’s that were said in the post was hat I was upset that he won because of the safety of our country. No place in that post did I say that I hated him because he was black. I think that this was a misconception. With his middle name, I was only saying that as in did anyone notice it? I truly feel as if it is my opinion and I had no reason to be verbally attacked. I don’t feel as if that I am racist in any manner.
P.S. – With the spelling, I usually have computer issues at home so I do some of my blogging at school in the library. Sometimes because of the filter they don’t let you copy and paste into word for a spell check. I apologize for that.

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  1. Sue Haller says:

    Sharing your opinion, no matter what it is, always invites people to react. One of the great things about this blog is that when you introduce your thoughts on a certain subject, it starts a dialogue with other people who read the blog. Sometimes those conversations are really self-affirming. But sometimes, particurally if you’re talking about a controversial subject (like, for instance, a presidential election) people get more passionate and outspoken. You have to expect that on this blog. Granted, some people express their opinions more tactfully than others, but they have just as much a right to share what they think as you do. Don’t take it personally. Read what they have to say and respond if you feel the need. I do think pointing out someone’s spelling errors is a low blow, and this isn’t the first time this has happened on the blog. Certainly as editors we want things to be spelling-error free, but we also know that nobody is perfect, and that Teen Takeover is supposed to be opportunity to learn and grow – staff members are not professionals.

  2. Dylan Shiffer says:

    I really don’t think pointing out spelling errors is a low-blow. I’m not the anonymous person that comments everything you write, but they have a point. If you can’t spell basic words correctly, how much credibility does that give your argument? It’s fair for people to assume that if you can’t take the time to spell words right, then you can’t take the time to formulate a good, well-supported opinion.
    Now to your Hussein comment. You weren’t just pointing it out. You were pointing out the fact that he has a foreign, Muslim sounding name. This has no relevance to his ability to govern this nation. Granted, there are many things about him that do (but that’s a whole different story). The only people who use that argument are people who think Obama is a Muslim sleeper-cell terrorist.
    If you opened a newspaper or a magazine and read an article with a bunch of spelling errors, you wouldn’t take it seriously.
    If you’re going to try and make a serious argument such as the one you attempted to make, you need to at least spell words correctly.
    Now, like Sue mentioned, don’t take this personally. I don’t think you are stupid. Maybe a little naive, but not stupid. It’s good that you have a strong opinion…but one of the problems with this country is that too many people have too many strong opinions and very little evidence to support those opinions. Please don’t one of those people. They ARE stupid.
    Lastly, (I’ll stop preaching, don’t worry) let this be a learning experience. When you post something on the internet (and especially when it’s printed in the paper, which I have NO idea why it was) you’re going to get feedback. You’re never going to get everyone to agree with you, so don’t try. If you’re going to be a journalist, or published in any way, you’ve got to have thick skin.
    I am not attacking you, although a lot of people at Teen Takeover think I am when I post something like this, but I assure you that I am not.

  3. Laura says:

    I’ll vouch for Dylan; he summed that up pretty well without being too harsh. Well said, Dylan. Everyone should take that to heart. And by the way, how’s Dickinson?

  4. Jen says:

    So, pointing out spelling and grammar errors on a newspaper blog is a low blow? Did I miss something? This is a newspaper. Even though the Teen Takeover staff are not professionals, they should still write using correct spelling and grammar. Dylan is correct with his supposition, that if you cannot spell or use grammar correctly, no one will take you seriously.

  5. Marybeth says:

    I agree.
    I know we don’t have to write like we’re stating hypotheses or developing research papers, but shouldn’t we at least have retained and made use of some of the grammar we’ve been taught for the past couple of years? Your =/= You’re, etc.
    I hardly think critiquing spelling and grammar is out of line. If this blog represents York teens, I would like to be represented well (as would others, I’m sure).
    You don’t have to be perfect, but maybe just proofread your postings? Just a thought.

  6. Ariel says:

    I pretty much agree with everything everyone else has said.
    I’ve always believed that you never really learn something until you’ve experienced it yourself. So I think this was definitely a good learning experience. And hey, that’s a part of growing.
    Nothing wrong with that.

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