I just happened to look on the top of the section about how many drafts that I have posted and come to notice that I have about 50. That is an awful lot, but I read over a recent post about Barack Obama that I had posted. I really didn’t mean to make anything that I had said sound racist or crude. But in most of them I felt verbally attacked; I do have my reasons for disliking our new president elect. But, that really is beyond the point right now. I have an opinion and I really thought that was what blogging was about. Something’s that were said in the post was hat I was upset that he won because of the safety of our country. No place in that post did I say that I hated him because he was black. I think that this was a misconception. With his middle name, I was only saying that as in did anyone notice it? I truly feel as if it is my opinion and I had no reason to be verbally attacked. I don’t feel as if that I am racist in any manner.
P.S. – With the spelling, I usually have computer issues at home so I do some of my blogging at school in the library. Sometimes because of the filter they don’t let you copy and paste into word for a spell check. I apologize for that.

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