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You know you live in the country when….

Your father looks outside and sees a runaway cow trotting down your road! With that said, I gues that means I am a country girl…

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If I could turn back time . . .

Oh, to turn back time! To revisit the good old days of decades past. It sounds so romantic. Wearing poodle skirts and going to sock hops in the ’50s — or putting on heels and makeup to go out in … Continue reading

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What is this country is coming to?

I was in Wal-Mart the other day when my mom and I were intrigued by the bin of DVDs that they always put out. We began to look through the random titles and were standing there for a good 20 … Continue reading

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What a movie.

I just saw Revolutionary Road today, and words can’t even begin to describe how unbelievably depressing it was. The second the credits began to roll, as I wiped tears from my face, I vowed to never watch it again. But … Continue reading

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Me+not being able to see= BAD

Yesterday I felt like I was blind. Seriously, I couldn’t see anything, it was terrible.

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Historical Moment

Today, January 20th, 2009 Barack Obama has been sworn in for the Presidency. Today was the start of a new semester for Central York High. It was also a historical moment for the U.S. Going to school, there was a … Continue reading

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In the Mind’s Eye

For my English class, we did a unit on advertising, and analyzed techniques of advertising before writing a paper analyzing a specific advertisement and the methods it uses to sell more than the product. As a introduction to the unit, … Continue reading

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‘If I Only Had a Brain’

Sometimes I feel this way… I could wile away the hours Confer them with the flowers Consult them with the brain And my head I’d be scratching while my bolts were busy hatching If I only had a brain I’d … Continue reading

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Have you ever played the game The Sims 2? It is the most amazing and addicting game I have ever played! The “sims” which is short for simulation, is so addicting! The main object is to make generation after generation. … Continue reading

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Still Rockin’!

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