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I Hate the Rain

Today is one of those days were I am forced to wonder if we really need rain to survive. I know we need water and plants and all, but it seems like the rain ruins everything. It’s so cold and … Continue reading

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I came to a couple of conclusions today. 1. Everyone should make a tye dyed shirt 2. Prom is too much planning 3. Dad’s should never, and I mean NEVER, try to pick out clothes

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And I Predict…

With such a dramatic episode last night and only five episodes left until the Season Finale, I believe it’s time to start predicting the future and reviewing the past of our dear Desperate Housewives.

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What country would you want to live in?

By JENNIFER VOGELSONG Daily Record/Sunday News Oh, to live in the Italian countryside, sipping wine and gazing at fields of olive trees… To travel to Florence or Milan and be in the throes of fashion… To shop at markets with … Continue reading

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High School Musical

Wow. Two weekends. Six shows. When Red Lion does a musical, we do it right. Not saying other school’s are bad, and not to talk my school up, but really, if you saw our show, you have to say it … Continue reading

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Home of the Blue Hens

Today I visited the University of Delaware. The campus was really pretty. We went on a walking tour and even though I was freezing, I enjoyed it. You could really tell how proud everyone was of their school.

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I thoroughly enjoy this video.

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Being eco-friendly means thinking locally

As I approached the purse section of the quintessentially teenage store, I was pleased to see that a few organic cotton tote bags with decals of phrases about being green were included in the collection. I picked up a bag … Continue reading

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Instriuctor inspires with love of dance

Arabesque. Grand jete. Develope. Chasse. For dance instructor Charlee Zamudio-Fidler these are just a few words that have become part of her vocabulary because of how often she uses them. Zamudio-Fidler works at the well-regarded York Area Repertoire of Dance … Continue reading

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Student has passion for filmmaking

Daniel Gay Junior, Christian School of York How did you become interested in films/movie production?I started playing around with movie programs and started posting movies on YouTube. I decided that I might want to try that for a career, so … Continue reading

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