If anyone besides me still even watches the show…

…ha…who totally loves Adam Lambert on American Idol? I absolutely cannot get enough of that guy! There’s just something about him. I don’t know if its the quiet confidence, the fun-loving-comforting-friend personality and the way that he treats the other contestants, or simply his unusually gorgeous face (makeup or not). Or maybe its a combination of all of the factors. Plus, I absolutely love his voice. Normally, I don’t dig the old school rocker voice, but he makes the style current and adds his own twist when he performs. And he’s so versatile with his abilities. I didn’t start watching this season until the Top 13 was confirmed, and I wasn’t really too enthused. But now I’m really glad that I got into it. Adam makes the show every week. Even my usually indifferent father likes him! Without Adam, Season 8 would be terribly lackluster. He’s the first contestant that I have loved who actually has a good chance of winning. And if he doesn’t, I don’t think I’ll be watching next season. If you haven’t heard of him or don’t watch the show, I’d recommend checking him out on Youtube or iTunes.
P.S. I added a few new drawings to my website, including my latest of Kate Winslet. Check them out if you’d like! www.pictureinpencil.com

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