3 Reasons To Hate Soulja Boy

3 Reasons To Hate Soulja Boy
As anyone familiar with the music industry should know by now, hip hop died when Biggie and Tupac took their last breaths. Every form of rap today is commercialized, with an emphasis on irrelevant lyrics over a somewhat catchy beat. The biggest advocate of this catastrophe is, of course, Soulja Boy, or as he is known on iTunes by his much cooler name, Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em. If you don’t hate him already, here’s something to think about:
1. Lyrics – Not everyone can share Eminem’s assonance or Method Man’s flow, but Soulja Boy’s lyrics are equivalent to a childhood nursery rhyme and his flow is reminiscent of an inebriated hobo shouting at pigeons to get away from his shopping cart of recycled cans. His latest, “Kiss Me Thru the Phone,” is another exercise in incompetency. First of all, I’m not sure how you kiss someone through the phone, but I can imagine it’s very awkward for all parties involved. However, Soulja Boy really felt he had a sentimental love ballad on his hands, so for about three minutes, he repeats different variations of the words “I miss you,” his phone number and, of course, the title of the song. Brilliance.
2. Money – Interscope Records (the biggest of the many labels to which he belongs) pays Soulja Boy millions of dollars to be an idiot. The average salary for a brain surgeon is about half a million. To put it in perspective, Soulja Boy’s incoherent rambling earns him about four or five times what the most challenging profession in medicine makes. The message? All you members of the middle class who are struggling to pay the mortgage or put your kids through college should take out a notepad, stare around the room you are currently in, and write down the first object you see about 20 times. Find some white kid who thinks he’s black to beat box while you babble that word for roughly four minutes, and you should be a millionaire. Given, you might not have Soulja Boy’s distinct creativity, but money is money.
3. The Fact That He Is Single-Handedly Helping To Kill Music In General – Hip Hop is dead, but thanks to people like Soulja Boy, all sorts of genres are trying to be more commercial with their music. Current music is garbage. I gave up my iPod for Lent and was forced to listen to the radio. By Easter, I was ready to harm myself. Pop, rock, alternative — everything is more Nickelback than Nirvana, more Flo-Rida than Wu-Tang. I realize money rules everything, but if idiots like Soulja Boy are successful, bands and rappers altogether will stop trying to write good lyrics and produce catchy beats and resort to spitting out some piece of crap that gets all the 12-year-olds at junior high dances to grind on each other like a rottweiler going to town on a stranger’s leg. And all the 90-pound boys in wife beaters will throw their hands in the air and go “Woooo! Soulja Boy’s lyrics are insane, yo!”
Soulja Boy is the devil. He needs to be stopped. His music has insulted our intelligence and made us cover our ears for too long. Hopefully he will fade away before people stop listening to music altogether.
— By SEAN RAMIREZ, Susquehannock High School

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13 Responses to 3 Reasons To Hate Soulja Boy

  1. Laura Dz says:

    Wow…#3…wow. The Sean Rant of All Time. Bitter much?
    And you, of all people, giving up your iPod for Lent? That must be some strong religious conviction.

  2. Dylan says:

    SB wouldn’t be successful unless people liked him – obviously they do. Good music is not dead by any means whatsoever – you just need to look a little harder. There are plenty of musicians who are much more interested in good music than money – have a little faith.

  3. Kenneth Schrum says:

    This is got to be the stupidest rant i’ve ever laid eyes on. Paragraph one you say “I don’t know how to kiss someone through a phone” Apparently sir you have never had a girl friend. Another thing about one about the repation of words that’s the chorus genius and yeah i see that he did kinda go over borad with this song. I have rap crap but not all like Eminem, But that dosen’t mean that i’m going and ranting about it “Yo People I hate rap” They’ll say “So”.
    Paragraph 2, I really don’t know what to say about that one you got lucky there.
    Paragraph 3 makes me mad say that hip hop is dead i’ts not dead it’s still around. Mybe if you LISTEN to the lyrics of the songs rather that the song it’s self maybe you can understand. I listen the real music that has some meaning, like Metallica, Disturbed, Eminem, Godsamck, everything that has a meaning. I’m not saying rap and that stuff dosen’t have a meaning it just not my taste for my ears.
    Really number three didn’t get me mad as much as your last comment. I hate this crap people who rant always gets religious. Don’t do that that’s just saying to sum it up ‘it dosen’t quallify for your standards.’ say he’s the devil COME ON grow up and get a life you don’t have to listne to the music. Stick with your christan music or what ever other stuff you listen too just don’t listen to rap ever. Thank you.

  4. Valerie says:

    For one your how old, 18? Hip hop didn’t die w/ 2pac and Biggie and in my opinion that was as stupid as East vs. West side(oh thats right b/c it was). And obviously you don’t listen to Rap, you listen to the commercialized stuff that no one from the hood listens to anyway.If you want to listen to something w/ meaning listen to Young Jeezy The Recession or Memphis Bleek The Understanding. Eminem makes his living on pissing people off and by now he needed to bring out another album b/c so many people sued him. He’s Broke. If you ever listen to music you’ll know that most of the meanings in the songs mean something different, so kissing someone through the phone doesn’t literally mean to kiss someone through the phone. Another thing is if you’re a brain surgeon than obviously you’re in the wrong profession b/c you are not making nearly what rap artist are making. And people like him b/c he is making money. You have to be young b/c in this day and age there is no middle class you are either rich or your scraping by to pay mortgage b/c of the recession, there is no middle class anymore. You must be from some suburban or hick town b/c most rappers sell crack before they even think about a record deal and they make all their money from that. Then they spend money to make records, he was rich before he even brought out an album now it’s just legal money rolling in. I don’t think he is the devil, if you feel that way than maybe you should start listening to gospel music. If you don’t like him don’t listen to him and don’t nag other people about him keep your opinion to yourself. Write about something more real like the recession or the unemployment rate.

  5. Jessica says:

    A few people at my job were reading your article today, and I could tell from the way you think, you don’t even listen to Hip-hop music. Because I know just like the person who commented above me that it did not die when Biggie and Tupac died, their style branched off after that and became a new wave a hip-hop. There are many different types just as there are for rock and jazz and r&b. All music changes, all music isn’t liked by everyone. YOur opinion is your own, and I think that Soulja boy wouldn’t continue to make songs and money if people weren’t on itunes buying his music.
    Instead of blowing up on one person, because you don’t understand him lyrically, you should instead enjoy what you like. Nothing good every came from being negative.
    Don’t listen to his music, and also why does he have to be the devil?? It doesn’t make any sense why people like you make everything about RELIGION.
    OH MY….. Get over yourself and go enjoy your style of music instead of dissing someone elses.

  6. Ariel says:

    Whoa, everyone is flipping out WAY too much over this. Why is everyone ragging on Sean but no one ragged on me when I wrote about Soulja Boy last year? Jeez.
    First of all, you can call someone “the devil” and not be religious about it. It’s quite clear that in this context, he is not being religious. He’s just using the word as an insult. Not to mention that the last paragraph seems to be slightly sarcastic anyway.
    You all are right in one thing: This is his OPINION. You have your opinion, he has his. Is this article going to have any impact on Soulja Boy’s success whatsoever? No, of course not. Is it going to convince anyone who likes Soulja Boy to stop listening. Doubtful. If you like Soulja Boy, why the hell should you give a crap what anyone else says? Just keep listening to him if that’s what you want to do. If he wants to think that hip-hop is dead and you don’t, who cares? Go on with your lives. It’s completely pointless to argue about it when it’s all about your own personal taste.
    Sean has a right to express his opinion, and just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean you have to b*tch him out for it.

  7. Sean Ramirez says:

    haha mannn you’re lucky i just read this today. modern rap sucks. it’s gullible people like you who can listen to some stupid quatrain thrown together and love it. that’s not music. he’s famous because people like you listen to him and hype him up when really anyone can do his job. talent should be unique to the individual, not something everyone can do. biggie, tupac, eric b & rakim all had talent when rap was in its golden age. now it’s just crap. bring me another rebuttal, i’ll just make you look like an idiot. and valerie, my ipod is full of 90’s rap and GOOD underground rap from today – in fact, my two favorite groups are the beastie boys and wu-tang. the roots, common, lupe, a tribe called quest, yeaaa so that kinda dismisses your whole argument. and come on guys, you’re on a blog defending soulja boy? come on now, get out of the house a little. oh and kenneth, i sure do not kiss my girlfriend “through the phone.” i kiss her like a normal person does. and when i’m not with her i don’t make out with inanimate objects. in the video they actually have people kissing the phone. that’s just weird man, but if you’re into that kinda thing, more power to ya.

  8. autoprt says:

    i thought this was America and you had a choice to do or be whatever you want. you also have a choice and just don’t list to the guy or change the radio station. the guy is being creative and someone is buying his stuff unlike all the other music out there no one is buying, its not his fault.

  9. Soulja Boy says:

    Yeah my name is Sean Ramirez and I play football and if you have anything to say that dissents from my beliefs that Soulja Boy is in fact the devil I’m gonna make you look like an idiot or maybe I’ll just go warrior football all over this place. I mean I just love Method Man’s crazy flow, he’s probably my favorite member of the Wu-Tang Clan. But wait Method Man isn’t even an original member of Wu-Tang Clan or a member at all for that matter. Method Man and Red Man and the hundreds of other so-called members of Wu-Tang are actually known as Wu-Tang Killa Bees. It’s people like you that kill the hip hop industry. Yeah sure Soulja Boy may not have the most creative lyrics but he’s got people like you who only find new music through MTV captivated enough so that he can make enough money off of a few hit songs to never have to work again. You talk about how everything today is too commercialized and that everything is more Flo-Rida than Wu-Tang, I’m willing to bet if someone was to look at the most played songs on your ipod, either Crank That or Low is in the top 10 most played. You claim to love Wu-Tang and A Tribe Called Quest so much yet you also say that there is no good hip hop today when Q-Tip of A Tribe Called Quest released his third solo album last year and it reached number two on the Billboard Rap charts, and Method Man and Redman released Blackout! 2 this summer. But anyway with your incredible writing skills I guess that you are gonna make me look like an idiot, I mean you were the sports editor of the Susquehannock Courier, that equals some serious skills. I mean your similes and imagery are mind-blowing, I could see that homeless guy yelling at pigeons or that dog going nuts on the kids leg, awesome and I myself can not think of a better to express such thoughts. I’d like to conclude with saying that Sean Ramirez is the devil, he must be stopped. Hopefully he will just fade away before people stop reading all together.
    P.S. If you ever feel like your gonna harm yourself you should probably talk to your pastor, as you claim to be so religious, or maybe even your guidance counselor, your terrible writing would indicate that you are still in high school so maybe I will put you in the HEART box.

  10. Ben says:

    ^^^ these are the dumbest comments ever. LOL at that guy thinking Redman is a member of wu-tang clan. that made me facepalm.

  11. soulja boy lover says:

    sean ramirez u r a piece of shit and u have no rite saying some 1 is the devil or if their music sucks because soulja boy made it u didnt. like nicki minaj said give it up its me i win u lose. pretend soulja boy is saying that then i bet ur fucking ass will feel guilty. soulja boy is makin guap like its his job and u aint makin a damn thing u broke wat ever job u have u probally gettin paid like minimum wage hahahha.
    give it up u should have never wrote this cus no 1 cares all da soulja boy fans dont believe this crap and neither does soulja boy im from the 305 nigga n i will beat yo white punk ass up. write another blog and immma blow a cap in yo ass.
    p.s i am a girl and i aint scared of nuthin cuz i represent

  12. theOrator says:

    Everyone, please take a good look at Soulja Boy lover’s comments, cause you are looking at a fine example of what we fine black call “niggatry” ladies and gentlemen. I mean most of the comments posted have to be among the most ridiculous blog responses I’ve every had the misfortune of reading, but this pole-jocking hoochie’s comment takes the cake, so to speak. I will agree that calling Soulja Boy the devil was a bit over the top, and quite unnecessary. That said, I for one, somewhat agree with Sean’s assessment of the state of Hip hop nowadays. Most of the music being put out in the industry really is lame by any sort of traditional hip hop standards, that is of course, if hip hop had any semblance of standards like it used to.
    Nowadays it’s pretty much whatever works, as long as you’re making money it’s considered a success, and there’s largely no art form or skill necessary in it anymore. Which was ultimately Sean’s point, and those of you who deny are either in a blissful state of ignorance (being to young to remember what decent Hip Hop music sounds like), or a state of denial the likes of which I have NEVER imagined. Whew, it takes a special person to live in either of those states, my hat’s off to you. Real talk, yeah there are some artists out there who are still staying true to the spirit of Hip Hop, but more and more they’re becoming a minority rather than a majority.
    Secondly, this blog’s is this man’s opinion, which as long as at least some of our constitutional rights are still in effect, he has the right to express that opinion however he chooses. Yes, he also has the choice of whether or not to listen to Soulja Boy’s regurgitated rhymes, but guess what? You too have the choice not to read this blog. I’m sure most of you have some sense of a reading comprehension, so you must’ve noticed the topic of the blog in bold, black letters. If you’re a fan of Soulja Boy, why read a blog that is clearly gonna have a negative opinion of him? Here’s a hint: if you don’t think you’re gonna like the content, don’t read it! Go back to your Myspace page or whatever else it is you do to waste your time throughout the day, instead of blasting this man for his opinion. Because you’re only just gonna show your own ignorance when you do otherwise.
    Third, and this is sincere, Soulja Boy Lover, calm down, it’s not that deep. No one gives a shit if you’re from the 305, or if you’re a girl, and even less of a shit if you “represent”. Do the entire Black race and your family a favor, get yourself an edumacation (yes mispelled that on purpose to mock you), learn to type in coherent and complete sentences, and stop being an overall embarrassment. Sean has the right to say what he wants about this man’s music, and if you don’t like it, as I said earlier don’t read it.
    Thank you and have a wonderful day.

  13. John VI says:

    This post and these comments are some of the most entertaining things I have ever read. I wish I would’ve gotten to work alongside Sean Ramirez.

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