Meet Scott

Hi, my name is Scott Mokris and I am a new member of the Teen Takeover staff. I first learned about the Teen Takeover from my older brother, Jake, who used to be a member of the staff. I was born in California in 1992. In addition to my older brother Jake, I have a younger brother named Al, who is nine years old.
I am home-schooled and am a junior in high school. My favorite subjects are Chemistry and History. I collect coins and enjoy knowing what they are made of and how old they are. I also like studying old battles and the tactics used to win them.
My favorite pastime is reading. I have read many books, both good and bad. At one point in time, I was reading five books at once and was waiting for a sixth. My favorite author is Alexandre Dumas. I have read five of his books and find his characters are very imaginative and entertaining. Porthos, from The Three Musketeers books, is my favorite character. However, even though Dumas is my favorite author, my favorite book is Bartlett’s Familiar Quotations.

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