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Misplacing Things on the Internet

A couple days ago I was on looking through some artists, and I came across a list of best album covers created by a rym user. The first cover immediately grabs my attention, as it is bizzare and unique. … Continue reading

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September Hero/Role Model

Anderson’s characters combine humor, drama As a teen, I find myself having many heroes and role models, but I think my biggest would have to be director Wes Anderson. His films might not make a lot of money, but that’s … Continue reading

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Teen “Takeover”

The other day, my mind started to wander and I eventually got to thinking about teen takeover, as I sometimes do. The name was what I really got stuck on. If we’re called teen takeover, then why aren’t we trying … Continue reading

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Top Five Websites (in no particular order)

1. You can always find people you know on Facebook. Plus, there’s a chat feature that’s pretty handy. Finally, there are many addicting games on Facebook that are good time-wasters.

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Back To School

Ah the first day of school. The most dreaded or anticipated day of the year. You pick. This year is my junior year and it feels like i’ve been here forever. Even though highschool is meant to be the best … Continue reading

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Among other things, poetry. Part 1: The Man of the Hour!

The man of the hour! All dressed in white, is headed for a party tonight! He’ll be a big smash, with his white top hat, and his wallet filled to the brim with cash!

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September 09 CD review

‘Either/Or’ tragic and beautiful Released in 1997, Elliott Smith’s “Either/Or” has quickly ascended the ranks of my top albums list (no easy feat). While his guitar-playing is great, a more prominent reason for the greatness of this album is Smith’s … Continue reading

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Naked- not just an adjective

Everyone seems to be on a health kick these days. With obesity in America being at an all time high, the push for kids and adults to eat healthier is all around us. Frankly, this can be hard. Rarely is … Continue reading

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“How I Met Your Mother”: September 2009 TV Review

The year is 2030, but the scene is eerily familiar. A son and daughter perch on their family room couch, hoping that this father-children discussion does not last long. The father is not filmed by the camera, but his voice … Continue reading

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Back to School!

Well, I officially survived the first week of tenth grade! My high school started back on Wednesday and I’m already overwhelmed. The courses for this year definitely look tough, but it’s exciting to be challenged at the same time. However, … Continue reading

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