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How to impress your friends with paper folding

The ability to take a regular piece of paper and turn it into an extravagant work of art without using paints, pencils or charcoal is an easy way to wow friends. Paper folding, also know as origami, can trace its … Continue reading

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The Importance of November

November is a month that, until recently, didn’t really mean that much to me. I have discovered that this wonderful month stands for two things: No Shave November and National Novel Writing Month. No Shave November is pretty self-explanatory. National … Continue reading

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I like to think of myself as someone who does not watch a lot of television, but that’s not really true. One thing that I noticed recently is that I watch most of my favorite shows on DVD, rather than … Continue reading

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Classic films

Recently I got to see “The Godfather,” “Citizen Kane,” and “2001: A Space Odyssey” for the first time. A lot of people claim that these three movies are some of the best ever conceived, and I must say I have … Continue reading

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Borders, the best hangout by far.

I’ve been to Borders twice within the last week and I must say, its one of my favorite locations. Both times, I spent at least three hours there. I love being surrounded by books. I love getting to walk a … Continue reading

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Top 5 Sodas

5. Coca-Cola Classic – Forget Pepsi, Coca-Cola is where it’s at. 4. Root Beer – Mug Root Beer to be precise. It’s the one with the bulldog on the can. 3. Surge – A green caffeine-filled drink that puts Mountain … Continue reading

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Today’s teens too focused on competition

By no means is being a teenager an easy task. With conflicting emotions, constant drama and concerned parents, kids are often left feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. In today’s world, teens are in an ongoing struggle to maintain grades, friendships and … Continue reading

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Clowns invade York!

Last week on the way home from a wedding in Penn State, my Dad and I saw an unusual site. As we were waiting for the light to turn from red to green, I looked behind me and saw a … Continue reading

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Halloween…for teens?

Trick or treat! Those three words fill the streets once a year on the last day of October. Kids of all ages walk through neighborhoods decked out in all sorts of costumes from vampires to superheroes. No house is left … Continue reading

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5 Reasons to Smile

1. Save Energy. It’s true, smiling uses fewer muscles than the number it takes to frown. You can use the energy you saved to focus on something more important. 2. Smiling is contagious. Most have heard it over and over … Continue reading

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