Borders, the best hangout by far.

I’ve been to Borders twice within the last week and I must say, its one of my favorite locations.
Both times, I spent at least three hours there. I love being surrounded by books. I love getting to walk a few yards and have the books change from literary classics to political commentary.
Maybe this all roots back to my love of reading, but I think it’s a fabulous place even if you don’t read that often. My friends mock me for being able to stay silent for three hours, just buzzing from book to book like a bee.
I just can’t help myself, I feel completely at peace reading about the political climate of the sixties, renaissance queens, the fall of Edie Sedgwick, and the musical genius that was the Beatles. The atmosphere of a Borders is reason enough to go.
It smells like a mixture of fresh toner and black coffee. There are college kids sipping caffeine in the cafe, old men playing chess, little kids begging for picture books, and people carefully examining tall shelves of books.
If there is a utopia for everyone, I’ve found mine, and it is Borders.

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3 Responses to Borders, the best hangout by far.

  1. Mrs. Mokris says:

    We go to Borders almost every weekend. It’s always busy. A couple of months ago, we went to Barnes and Noble in Lancaster and it was packed and hopping, on a Saturday night! People were shoppping, eating, working on computers, reading, etc. York needs a bookstore on the west side, maybe where Value City or the nearby Giant used to be.

  2. Lord Humungous says:

    Are you people for real? I like Border’s and Barnes & Noble for browsing and purchasing books, not for hanging out in. The only people I’ve noticed “hanging out” at Borders in York are the homosexuals that don’t know there are perfectly good gay bars up in Harrisburg to cruise for their new pieces of *ss. Oh, and freaks with weird hair and piercings that nearly make me ill just looking at them.
    Oh yeah, but Borders is just great for purchasing a book. I’ll go to Panera Bread for a sandwich and some coffee, thanks.

  3. Just a guy says:

    Hasn’t anyone ever been to The York Emporium downtown? 19,000 sq. ft., more than 250,000 titles, free parking, free coffee/tea, free & comfortable tables & reading areas, free WiFi…music room, Kid Lit area, huge Sci-Fi reading room. And the paperbacks are $2 to $3 each, with hardcovers $4 to $5.

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