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The iPad, Apple’s latest innovation has arrived! Many people are really considering buying it. And not just the people who will buy anything that is shiny and has an apple on it. I would buy one, but the way I … Continue reading

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Felice Brothers

Last night I went to see the Felice Brothers play in downtown York. This show was part of the CapLive series of music held at the Capitol Theater. The five musicians were having an extraordinary amount of fun playing their … Continue reading

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Jackson tribute moving

Celine Dion, Carrie Underwood, Usher, Smoky Robinson, and Jennifer Hudson sung the song “What About Us?” in tribute to the late Michael Jackson. It was a very powerful and moving performance. The performance was even in 3D. Michael Jackson’s two … Continue reading

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Last 5 Movies I Watched

5. “Videodrome”- This is a pretty creepy movie from the eighties starring James Woods and directed by David Cronenberg. It’s about an extremely adult TV show that causes James Woods’s character to hallucinate. There is a lot of memorable imagery … Continue reading

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POY wins ‘Silver and Gold’

Saturday January 30, 2010 The Pentecostals of York’s Senior Bible Quizzing Team traveling to Webster, PA for a practice tournament. On York Team A is Katie Hook, Janet Cabbell, and myself. On York Team B is Katherine Grimaldi, Kristina Peters, … Continue reading

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Top 5 Albums I want RIGHT NOW!

5. “Hex Enduction Hour” by The Fall. Released in 1982. I heard the song “Who Makes the Nazis?”. It’s a very simple song, but I enjoy the artsy punk instrumentals and vocals. 4. “Terria” by Devin Townsend. Released in 2001. … Continue reading

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Food Inc.

I just saw a documentary called “Food Inc.”, and it really opened my eyes to the truth about where we get our food. I was surprised to learn that almost nothing in the typical grocery store is made outside of … Continue reading

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BAD REF!!!!!!!!!!!

Omg i played a basketball game to day the 31 and i’ll tell you what we had the two most bad refs in the world. I meen they were not calling jack. But we still won. And they were cursing … Continue reading

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The Grammys

The 52nd Annual Grammy Awards come on tonight on CBS from 8pm till 11:30pm. The show will have many good performances and is definitely worth watching. I hope Dave Matthews Band wins album of the year. “Big Whiskey and the … Continue reading

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Depressing? I think not.

So a friend of mine told me that he was watching a show that declared Seattle one of the most depressing cities in the United States. To say I was surprised would be an understatement. Seattle, Washington is my dream … Continue reading

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