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After delaying for half of a day because of the huge snowstorm that was going to hit New York City, we finally began our journey early Friday afternoon. We ran into snow after about half an hour of driving, which … Continue reading

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Album Review Project

In January, I said that my New Year’s Resolution was to make more blog posts. So far, I have not gone past the minimum of two per month. So, I decided that for March, I will listen to every album … Continue reading

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I Found a Crazy Song

The song is “Discipline” by the 1980’s industrial/experimental band, Throbbing Gristle. Prepare your ears for madness! Click Here One of the most extremely “out there” songs I have ever heard.

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‘The Blind Side’ a must read for football fans

With all of the hype over the inspirational film “The Blind Side,” I decided to read the book of the same name. I thought “The Blind Side: The Evolution of the Game” by Michael Lewis was going to be just … Continue reading

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What happened?

It’s snowing really hard for no reason.

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Great free way to find new music

I found this website this past week. It’s a really cool site that plays obscure music, most of which I have never heard before. You can just listen to random music, or you can listen to songs based on … Continue reading

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Western Spaghetti

Here’s a really cool stop-motion animation video I saw on YouTube. Gabe Ryan–Home-schooled

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Susan Boyle

Not too many 48-year-olds can say that they’ve just released a music album for the first time in their life after having become famous almost instantaneously. Susan Boyle, though, is one of a few who can. For those who haven’t … Continue reading

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Well winter, we need to talk.

So I usually am the first one to stick up for January-March, the cold weather and gloomy skies everyone else finds depressing I just find calm, but lately I have a few complaints. I’m sad to say I am yearning … Continue reading

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Five reasons to hang ten in Hawaii

Every four years the Spring Grove Area High School marching band (The Blue Crϋe) takes “the ultimate field trip” to Hawaii. I was fortunate enough to be able to go on the trip in January. After spending a fun-filled, memorable … Continue reading

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