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Fun Game to Play When You’re Bored

Sometimes at school when I don’t have anything to do, I look at the people around me and decide what animal they most resemble. The results can be pretty funny sometimes.

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Avatar: The Downfall of Film

When I saw the trailers for James Cameron’s “Avatar”, I was positive that I knew how the movie would end. I went to the theaters to confirm this prediction and to see if all the hype surrounding the movie was … Continue reading

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My Top Five Favorite Bands

5. John Mayer. He has a weird voice, but he’s a phenomenal guitarist. 4. Green Day. Kind of a weird looking band, but they have great songs. 3. Coldplay. Great band, though some of their songs are very repetitive. 2. … Continue reading

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Take An “Adventure”

With the stress of finals and senior projects right around the corner, sometimes it is a good idea to just sit back and relax for a little while and watch a movie. One great movie to watch is “Bill and … Continue reading

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Grammy Alternative Album- 1992

The first R.E.M. album I ever listened to was their 1991 release “Out of Time.” In short, this album is all over the place. There are some pretty good songs like “Belong,” “Me in Honey,” and the very popular “Losing … Continue reading

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Sad loss for the Catholic Girls

Old news I’m sure, but the York Catholic High School girls made it to states for the fifth time and lost the title to Villa Maria Academy for the second year. Our whole York Catholic Community is very upset for … Continue reading

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Opinion about common phenomena

I was reading articles of popular magazines recently, and came across yet another article of “sexting”. Political figures are thinking about enforcing laws on the more common problem. Now students under the age of 18 may be punished for taking … Continue reading

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WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE (2009) Terrible film!

“Where the Wild Things Are” is director Spike Jonez adaptation of the famous children’s book, and it was one of the most popular films from last year. Many adore the children’s book, and, for one reason or another, they also … Continue reading

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Name Change

Recently, my friend, Myles, decided he was going to steal a letter from my name. Well, not steal, but trade. My name is Megan Snyder and his is Myles Strickler. Myles thinks his name looks cooler when his last name … Continue reading

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Canadians, Guitars, and Math Questions

Recently, my dad registered to win a Taylor Guitar signed by Jason Mraz. I would have signed up as well, but you have to be 18. Later, I was reading the rules so that I could tell my dad when … Continue reading

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